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Managing change in telecom and media to create value

Unleash the potential of digital in Latam

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Sobre Nostros

Real management experience moving organizations forward

Lead investments to their full potential

  • Managing businesses in different stages of growth and maturity

  • Driving cultural transformation to achieve collective success 

  • Leading major turnarounds to achieve long-term profitability

  • Outperforming competition to achieve market leadership

  • Consistently pursuing sustainable growth


Developing trust and long-term relationships

Guiding Principles

Superior performance based on hands-on approach leveraging extensive network of relationships.

People & Results

The difference between excellent and average performance is enormous

  • Alignment

    • Correct measurement

    • Open communication

    • Create and Reinforce Trust

  • Excellence

    • Nothing less will satisfy.

    • Examine frequently, address early

  • Results

    • Promote an effective company culture

    • A well designed KPI system is critical to success

    • Frequent and short reviews accelerate change

Customer Experience

​We apply world class CX principles that generate significant value

● Defect free product / service delivered:

In a timely fashion 

○ In a caring manner

● State of the art customer facing processes

Tailored to customer preferences

○ Artificial intelligence with a human touch

○ Exceptional problem solving

Business Conduct

We believe in the role of businesses to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes.

  • We believe that responsible business conduct is key to long term success, including:

    • Understanding the corporate footprint

    • Reinforcing a culture of diversity and inclusion

    • Leveraging  the value of diversity and equal opportunity

  • Compliance and Internal Controls are not negotiable.

Our Values

Our values define us and guide how we operate


Our Execution Playbook

  • Achieve clarity on 5-year vision and short term value creation plan

  • Design financial and operating metric performance management model to:

    • Achieve transparency and alignment

    • Focus on cash

    • Highlight metrics that drive results

  • Work closely with existing management in organizational design for growth

  • (Re)organize quickly and fairly

  • Make organizations empowered and entrepreneurial

  • Build trust and Align


Investment discipline and real management experience to generate change and create value

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